About CyclePort

CyclePort is the world’s first universal, smart bike parking, charging and sharing system.
  • Instantly lock any bike fitted with our simple connector
  • Safely charge electric bikes – the world’s fastest growing transport mode
  • Optionally share any bike in the system

Our plug-and-play ports connect to create stations of any size with flexible layout. Stations are wirelessly linked to create universal bike sharing networks, including peer-to-peer sharing.

CyclePort is for:
  • Property developers: smart bike parking and shared fleets for tenants of office and apartment buildings
  • Fleet managers: dock and charge stations for electric cargo bikes
  • Public transport: integrated cycling infrastructure
  • Local government: community-driven bike sharing
  • Tourism: automated bike rental stations for hotels, resorts, national parks and tourist attractions
  • Campuses: internal transport networks for educational institutions, business parks, health facilities, defence force bases, etc

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