CyclePort is the world’s first universal, smart bike parking, charging and sharing system.

Our plug and play ports instantly lock any bike fitted with our simple connector, safely charge electric bikes and allow any bike in the system to be shared.

Ports connect rapidly to form stations of any size and with flexible layout. Stations are wirelessly linked to create universal bike sharing networks, including peer-to-peer sharing.



In contrast to traditional bike share systems, CyclePort:

  • Tailors bike share systems to the diverse needs of different organisations
  • Accommodates any style and size of bike to suit all types of riders
  • Safely charges electric bikes – the world’s fastest growing transport mode
  • Enables commuting between home and work – it’s not just a ‘last mile’ solution
  • Controls dockless share bikes by creating unique hybrid bike share systems

Our system is perfect for:

  • Municipalities – community-driven bike sharing integrated with public transport
  • Commercial – smart bike parking and shared fleets for staff, tenants and customers
  • Residential – for door to door commuting and domestic errands
  • Universities – the perfect campus transport solution
  • Tourism – automated bike rental stations